The Oil Conspiracy

Veteran CIA operative Jack Wilder is called upon to discreetly investigate the assassination of a high level OPEC oil analyst on the verge of announcing a startling discovery. More complications arise when the body of Wilder’s best friend, also an oil analyst, is found in a field on the outskirts of Houston. More bodies begin to fall as Wilder gets closer to discovering the truth.

The Woman in the Well

John Ray Washington was a ne'er-do-well who found himself being charged with attempted murder with malice for tossing his girlfriend into an abandoned well. Did he do it, or was he innocent? His annoying habit of eating light bulbs caused his lawyer some serious consternation as he tried to prepare John Ray's defense. Adding to the challenge is a nefarious Sheriff running for re-election. A comical read based on a true story that took place in McKinney Texas.

​​​W. R. Hill

Write. Review. Interact. Learn. Grow.  That's what it's all about.

The Vigilante

Addison Cooper was a highly trained operative in the CIA’s off the books Looking Glass unit. She nearly lost her life in a covert Middle East operation that went horribly wrong.  After several months of reconstructive surgeries and excruciating rehabilitation she was finally able to leave the hospital and her CIA career behind. Over time she traded it all in for a beautiful quiet life becoming a homemaker and mother in a small picturesque New England town. A tragic preventable act of gun violence took the life of the one she loved shattering her perfect life. Now, using her resurrected CIA skills she is back and on a mission, a mission to make America understand that changes need to be made to curb the gun violence epidemic sweeping across the nation.  With nothing left to lose she's going to make them listen or die trying.

Deja Vu in Blue

​​Alex Armstrong wanted to become a policeman his entire life. His father was a cop who had been killed in the line of duty on Alex’s fifth birthday. The first call Alex responded to as a rookie cop was to retrieve an errant cat from beneath a woman’s house. A short time later Alex learns that his dad’s first call was to retrieve an errant cat from beneath the same woman’s house twenty years earlier. Every detail of the call Alex made was exactly the same, from the description of the cat’s owner, to the name of the cat. That’s only the beginning of several eerie similarities that parallel Alex’s career with that of his dead father.