Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Attended the University of New Mexico where I was asked to leave. Apparently you need a minimum GPA of 1.5 to stay in school. The nerve of those people! Three universities, two wives and eleven years later a BS degree in psychology. Not easy cramming a four year curriculum into eleven years. The second Mrs. Hill has been with me for over 40 years, always supportive of my crazy endeavors. She's a saint. Added an MS in Human Resources later on in record time, only three years.

 In my life I have: worked in the construction industry, worked for a government contractor, worked with emotionally disturbed children and their families, been a salesman for a large communications company, spent twelve years doing stand up comedy and magic, worked as an HR Executive in manufacturing and credit unions, sold real estate, been an operations manager for a software company and, get ready for this one, an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Mexico!  Who would've thought?  Yes my friends, I have stories to tell and stuff write.

  Most of the last thirty plus years has been spent living in the Pacific Northwest primarily in Eugene Oregon where I currently reside and indulge my passion for fly fishing. Go Ducks!

"But enough about me, lets talk about you. What do you think about me?"
.....Bette Midler