A couple of years ago a good friend of mine suggested an author named Carl Hiaasen. Hiaasen is a journalist who writes a weekly column for the Miami Herald and happens to be a great author with over twenty novels in print. All his novels take place in Florida from the Keys and the Everglades up to the panhandle. Having spent the last two winters in Florida, it's a great joy to read about places we have been and seen around the beautiful state. 

Many of Hiassen's works contain stories and lessons learned about the rapidly dwindling beauty of the state as it is being over taken by condominiums, golf courses,expensive country clubs and the like. One novel is about the polluting of the Everglades. He creates an unforgettable cast of outrageous characters, a few of who appear in several of his works. One such character is Skink, the former Governor of the State who was elected on a platform of cleaning up corruption. As fate would have it both sides of the aisle ultimately turned against him and he was unable to get anything done. His solution was to abruptly quit and become a hermit living in the swamps of Florida and existing on cooking road kill and taking on various battles to protect the environment. While the underlying premise is serious, the constant stream of outrageous and funny characters bring laughs by the dozen as you read through the books.  In the last three months I have read eleven of his books. The first was Mad Monkey. The title itself is a preview of the comedy that follows.

Aside from my new Hiassen find (thanks Beckie Whitten) I read most anything by John Grisham, Robert Crais, David Balcacci, Vince Flynn and Lee Child.

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