April 13, 2017 - Not My President

I have been a life long Democrat and have been disappointed when Republicans were elected, but have always held the office of President as sacred and an institution to be respected. All of that changed the day Donald Trump was elected.  I am still utterly shocked to see that pathetic pathological liar in the White House. The continual pandering and support of his antics by the Republican establishment also has me deeply concerned.  Somewhere along the line Congress, primarily Republicans but there are a few weird Democrats, totally lost sight of who they are supposed to be working for. They continue to line their pockets with the hard earned cash of the American public while supporting destruction of the environment, easily committing themselves to kicking over twenty million people off health insurance plans and allowing themselves to be guided by the likes of the NRA and other huge lobbies. They continue to show the same lack of moral character their leader who defrauded hundreds with his bogus Trump University not to mention stiffing subcontractors on many of his projects for hundreds of thousands of dollars and, by the way is a sexual predator by his own admission as shown during the time leading up the the election, and a constant pathological liar on top of everything else.  Yet, this bozo was still elected President. What the hell happened people!

For those of you who voted for and still continue to support Trump please accept my apology if I have offended you.  Also, please accept my condolences for your lack of judgement. Hopefully you will come to your senses and help get this tragic clown out of the White House while we still have a country left.


July 15, 2016 - Social Media is Ruining Our Country

   Mark Zuckerberg has created a monster that is totally and completely out of control. This giant ogre continually contributes to the polarization that plagues our country today. Every day Facebook receives and posts thousands of things that are completely false, inaccurate or misleading and aimed at those who appear to be unable to think for themselves. It‘s truly amazing how so many Americans can gulp down and believe this constant barrage of fabrication that pops up on a daily basis. The people behind these posts are desperately trying, and in many cases succeeding in vilifying political candidates. While it’s certainly true that there is a huge need for congressional reform at all levels, spreading lies and rumors about political candidates isn’t the answer.

    In addition, many of these same people continually show a total disrespect for the office of President of the United States. Like it or not Obama is our President and no matter what he has done or what you think he has done, as our President both he and the office he holds deserves our respect. As I log onto FB and read these bogus accusations I find myself getting angry and my blood pressure creeping up. So, in order to keep myself sane and healthy I am leaving the huge monster behind and may or may not return after the election in November.

    No matter which candidate you are for I urge you to stop believing the deceit that comes to you each day by way of Facebook. Separate fact from fiction and vote accordingly.